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Search engines such as Google, Bing, and YouTube are portals to the internet where billions of people go for answers to their questions and solutions to their problems.  Getting your law firm noticed by the right people on these platforms can bring steady traffic to your site.  Unfortunately, many lawyers don’t know how to take full advantage of these powerful search engines.  That’s where DuoDigital can help!  We offer full-service PPC management solutions to help law firms make the most of this effective advertising strategy.

What Is PPC Advertising for Law Firms?

Pay-per-click (PPC) is a form of advertising designed to encourage online users to visit your law firm’s website. Instead of paying a set amount up front without much influence over how the ad performs, you only have to pay when somebody clicks that ad.  Google, Facebook, YouTube, and other top-rated search engines are the most common places for PPC ads.

The Advantages of Law Firm PPC Advertising


You only pay when the ads work

Tired of wasting money on ineffective advertising strategies?  PPC might just be the answer!  This unique form of advertising allows law firms to only pay when someone engages with your ad.  In other words, you’ll know that every penny you’re spending translates into actual traffic to your site.  This creates a closer association between advertising expense and performance.


Target your ideal audience

One of the biggest money wasters for law firms is untargeted advertisements.  You only want your ads seen by people who would actually use your legal services.  With PPC advertising, it’s possible to target specific demographics to increase the effectiveness of your ads.  Google and other major search engines are powerhouse databases with a wealth of information on their users that makes this targeting possible.


The budget is easy to control

No matter the size of your law firm,  you’re diligent about where and how you spend your funds.  Unfortunately, many firms stay away from online ads because of the difficulty of setting and managing budget limits.  PPC advertising is in a class of its own in terms of capital control, giving users complete oversight and easy management of their budgets.  You’ll never have to spend more than you want.


Gain more exposure

The greatest advantage of PPC advertising is the increased traffic your law firm’s website can experience.  With the right strategy and management, a PPC campaign will drive targeted traffic to your website which leads to higher conversion rates and a healthier bottom line overall.  The more your law firm is seen by potential clients, the more it gets seen as an authority and leader in the space.

Why Work With DuoDigital?


With years of combined experience, the DuoDigital team has the expertise and knowledge needed to optimize your law firm’s PPC strategy.  We know how to design unique campaigns around your business’s specific goals.  Through extensive training and trial and error, we’ve developed proven strategies that produce optimized results time and time again.


Law firms are rightfully diligent about where they spend their advertising and marketing budget.  You don’t have an unlimited amount of money to put towards these areas unlike some of the larger players in the field.  When working with DuoDigital, you’ll always know exactly what you’re paying and where the money is going.  We don’t leverage any hidden fees or other shady sales tactics.


There is no shortage of PPC specialists online.  A quick Google search will yield more results than you can possibly search through.  DuoDigital stands out from the competitors due to our specialization in the legal sector and our deep knowledge of optimizing ads. We have the specialized PPC techniques and strategies that are specifically catered to help law firms just like yours succeed.

If you want to learn more or get started with DuoDigital’s PPC Management services,  contact us today!


Do I need a website?

Would you like to gain more organic traffic and leads?  If so, the answer is YES!

To stay competitive in the digital age, it’s imperative that businesses are constantly vying for top positions on SERPs (search engine results pages). A high volume of organic traffic comes from search engines as a result and this can be captured by having your website ranked highly with SEO techniques like optimizing content or installing keywords into titles/headings across different pages so those words show up when someone searches them online.

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is an ever-evolving set of strategies, tactics, and best practices that help businesses create websites and other digital content that rank well on search engines. Why is SEO ever-involving? Google and other search engines run on complex algorithms that are regularly updated. These algorithms are what search engines use to determine which pages to rank highest.

What is the difference between SMM and PPC?

SMM (Social Media Management) refers to the management of your social media profiles to engage with your audience via organic posting strategies.  SMM strategies helps build your brand awareness as well as establish your company as an authoritative and trustable entity in your field.  With SMM, the main objective is to educate and connect with your audience.

PPC (Pay Per Click) refers to creating online Ads that target a specific audience, with the goal of having them interact with your Ad and become a lead that you can follow up with.  As the name says, with PPC you pay for each person that clicks on your Ad to visit your website, fills out a lead form, and other scenarios.  With PPC, the main objetive is to generate leads that can turn into paying clients.

What is Client Intake Automation?

Client intake automation refers to the process of automating repetitive tasks that must be done from the time a new PNC calls your firm, to the time they become a paying client.  With automations you are able to automatically schedule appointments, send follow-up emails/texts, send appointment confirmations & reminders, generate retainer agreements and collect electronic signatures, send invoices and payment reminders, and much more.  Automating all of these repetitive tasks frees your knowledgeable staff to work on more billable tasks, and allows you to handle more leads without the need to increase your staff.

Who is DuoDigital?

We started off as a husband/wife dynamic duo, and are now a growing team of 7.  We both come from a technical background (B.S degrees in Computer Science, M.S. in Software Engineering, and MBA) and have leveraged our technical knowledge to serve the legal market which is severely lacking in both technology and effective digital marketing.  We’re entrepreneurs, parents, we love people, and we’d love to work with you!

Can I trust DuoDigital?

Do birds fly?!  We’re committed to you and your companies growth.  We believe in what we do so much that we provide you with a money back guarantee.  Unlike other marketing agencies, we don’t require any up-front contracts to start working with us.  We’ll start off on a month-to-month basis to prove to you that we will deliver!  No commitments, no tricks.  All results.

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